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Blessing is a Google Certified Educator, Founder of ‘The Innovative Child Network’ and Ambassador for HundrED.org, and still studying for her Undergraduate degree. She’s an inspiration to learners and teachers.

Topics covered include:

  • Blessing’s motivation to become a teacher.

  • Blessing’s story as a student and its relation to her career.

  • Blessing’s Advice to young professionals.

  • Small is Massive. ”Small Drops make an Ocean”

  • How Blessing has incorporated design into her work in Education.

"I'm prompted to go back and help my younger self"

My name is Blessing Akpan, an Undergraduate student studying English Education at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. I have always been keen on how our educational system runs and better ways to provide learning opportunities for children both in privileged and under-privilege communities. At a very young age, I have imagined the amazing things technology could do for our children and grew up to be particularly interested in personalized and skillbased learning. 

Growing up in my local community, I realize children tend to learn best when they are made to do it, and when they made to apply what they have learned. This however inspired my innovation; The Innovative Child network for Skill-based Education. 

At TICNetwork, we focus on building skill-based learning among kids. We do not just train and mentor, but create a platform to allow these kids to share their knowledge with other children through offline training, online webinars, and boot camps. 



Besides, skills development brings about a progressive and prosperous society, and every person, including children and teenagers, have a part to play in building the society.

Our mission is to leverage skill-based learning to grow a formidable network of young innovators, building relevant skills to enable them to contribute meaningfully to sustainable development while tackling the Global learning crisis.

My passion in the areas of educational technology has led me to explore Google tools and leveraging on them to foster digitalization in Education. I am problem-oriented, versatile and I believe that every person has a part to play in creating a better world.

I am a fellow of the Policy Alert’s Emerging Voices Program, Harmattan Cohort 2018, 2019 Learners’ Voice of World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) and African Young Leader (class of 2020) of Teennation. Also Scholar at Youth-In-Education Mentoring academy as well as a Telemachus Youth (2020 cohort) of the Global Thinkers Forum.

Blessing's 3 tips for life

(1)“Learning never stops for educators.”

(2)“We have to find ways to seek out that next step. That involves getting around people who are also forward thinking and involved in activities that can launch you into the next step."

(3)"Yeah It might not be forthcoming immediately, but you should persist and believe. Don't lose sight of the next step "


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