Exhibits with a legacy: The Urban Residency ONLINE EXHIBITION

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On this episode, we’re speaking with Kashyap, Farhia and Grishon, 3 designers who took part in ‘The Urban Residency’, a programme organised by Kenya Lighting Industries and Nairobi Design Week to give Kenyan designers experience in industry, and give them the opportunity to bring a real product to market.

The designers answered an open call, and we had multiple other entries for products that ranged from space dividers to solar lighting solutions, basketball hoops, and even skating furniture with a hint of gardening.

Thank you to all those who entered, we had a tough time selecting the finalists, and we hope you keep an eye out for more opportunities in future.

After all the entries were considered, 3 designs were judged based on a balance of creativity, feasibility and market potential.

The designers spent 5 days at Kenya Lighting Industries, refining their designs and learning about industrial manufacturing methods such as laser cutting, CNC punching and electrostatic powder coating.

The designs were then manufactured and launched at Nairobi Design Week 2020.

The final production prototypes were then left on site at 209 Statehouse Road in order to serve the community in the long term.

The designs will also be made commercially available, providing a key link between industry and Afrikan design talent. Sorry for the mic at the beginning of the call, audio gets better!


Runners-up designs: 00:33

Interview start: 1:46

Design practice chats: 3:05

Introductions: 6:45

Farhia’s process & designs: 14:47

Grishon’s process & designs: 16:49

Kashyap’s process & designs: 20:19

Challenges faced & what they learned: 24:30

What they’d do differently: 30:17

Kashyap on challenges of product design: 36:40

Feedback on the experience: 43:45

Legacy of The Urban Residency: 46:29

Outro: 59:45

🎶Outro: HOT BOY by the talented Phinoshey


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Click on each image to get a closer look!


Grishon is a product designer and sculptor who created these Samburu inspired benches to explore Kenya’s cultures through laser cutting.

The benches are electrostatic powder coated, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Designed for commercial and home applications, these steel lights have been laser cut and galvanised.

Kashyap Gohel is a graduate architect, who consults on projects ranging from commercial to residential.


Farhia is an architecture student, who designed these hoops with the leading theme of NDW2020 in mind: Design is for everyone!