"KIUNGA" is the Swahili equivalent of The [African] Crossroads.

KIUNGA ALBUM- At African Crossroads 2019, we got to meet an amazing group of people from around the continent who taught us new ways to collaborate.

The conversations we’re filled with positivity for the future and inspired us to make new types of collaboration happen.

The way we saw everyone come together for the ‘Kiunga’ album and create a masterpiece in one week, made us believe our community could come together to do the same with the ‘Labelled Human’ song.

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‘Sandra Suubi Brings Out the Power at African Crossroads.’

Check out her amazing dress made out of plastic bottles 😍

“KIUNGA” is the Swahili equivalent of The [African] Crossroads. This masterpiece is the clash of Afro urban musical cultures, featuring rare and intense collaborations between artists from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Morocco.

The album brings forth a contemporary blend of Afro urban music – from contemporary folk to classical Taarab, Afrofusion and the thumping energy of East African dancehall.

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Recorded at the annual African Crossroads gathering in Mombasa, Kenya – Nov 2019.

Kiunga Album Credits

Executive Producers: Bengatronics & Hivos People Unlimited

Album Curator: _mwlm. Gregg Tendwa Music

Director: Udulele John

Studio Engineers: @Sidney Simila & Dennis Mwaura

Mixing & mastering: Jo Bissa A&R/Cover Design: Picnic Entity

Ventures Film & Photography: PKG inc

Check out the CNN 'Inside Africa' feature featuring Bengatronics, Suraj and community musicians.

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