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Our mission is to share Afrikan design with the world.

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We’ve partnered with a number of local brands, makers, artists and designers to make Kenyan design accessible to more people.



‘Made by Kenya’ bundles are curated with care to ensure they represent the diverse cultures and high quality of our community’s work.



This collaborative effort means we can offer a limited number of their products at prices much lower than usual.

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How do YOU benefit?

Discover Afrikan Talent: You get to have a direct link to the creatives who made your products.

Unique Items: Each item has a story, and many are custom or limited editions that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Value: The packages offer outstanding prices, especially for gifting.

Contribute: You’ll be contributing directly to the Kenyan design industry and have a direct impact on people’s lives.

How do THEY benefit?

Sales: Selling in ‘bundles’ or ‘gift bags’ like this means that the individuals and organisations get a guaranteed number of sales and have confidence they’ll get paid.

Connect: This will open them up to New markets and customers will open up to appreciate their work.

Invest and Grow: The creatives are able to invest the time and money in developing themselves, and work on more new products.

How do WE benefit?

Stronger together: Support the Kenyan creative economy and the minds behind this work to make the pie bigger for everyone. 

Sustainability: We run this platform for free. We’re exploring new revenue models to sustain the community and the projects it creates.

Understand: Learn how the market works so we can better support and advise our community.

Listen & Learn: This sale will allow us to find out what people want, and encourage more sellers to offer products in future


Brands in each bundle

What you'll get...

Tie-dye Scarf

Hand-made by artisans of RefuSHE
refushe thumbnail red logo

Refugee women and their children find a haven at RefuSHE’s safe-house in Nairobi. There they receive care, education and as part of their entrepreneurship training, learn how to make these incredibly soft tie-dye scarves!

Several of the girls have become leaders at RefuSHE, and many have been resettled at home and abroad.

'Mini Ma3': 3D Printed Matatu

Designed & Made by Beyond3DAfrika.
Handpainted by artists.
beyond3dafrika logo white background

Touched by the brushes of street artists like Kaymist, these model matatus are the perfect souvenir of Nairobi’s culture.

Check out the video where Dennis, founder of Beyond3DAfrika, shares his work at “Pop up n Chill” with Raph Wangutusi.

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Hand painted portrait miniatures, celebrating queens of Afrika. 

Watch the video to hear how the multi-talented Chela expresses identity through her music and art, and how she approaches therapy through art.

The African Essence

"You learn things, and you paint from what you're feeling"
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Hardcover Sketchbooks

Perfect for doodling, drawing and journaling.

The bomb squad crew is a street art group hailing from the city streets of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Made up of members with a passion and love for art, specifically mural work and graffiti, BSQ have managed to carve up a name for themselves as the most energetic, inspiring and creative art crew in East and Central Africa. It’s a group of young Kenyan artist formed in 2011.

We’ve been using the sketchbooks since NDW2020, they’re highly durable and the brown paper makes your sketches look even better 👌🏽

PACE LIVE Bluetooth headphones

The pattern that represents our identity has been custom printed onto these Pace Live wireless bluetooth headphones, and has been worn by the team of creatives behind the ‘Labelled Human’ music video. 

They come with a 15 hour rechargeable battery, carrying pouch, USB cable and a micro SD card slot so you don’t even need to be connected to an external device.

Braille Greetings Cards

The inclusive values of StudioHISI and attention to detail of Wis and Crafts combine to make these beautiful, hand-crafted designs with messages in Swahili/English and braille.

StudioHISI made braille NDW stickers for visitors at this year’s Nairobi Design Week festival, and exhibited their fashion line for the visually impaired.

Afrikan Mask Prints

Modern and traditional techniques such as 3D printing and woodcut printing have been combined by the artist to create a set of one-off pieces inspired by the iconography of Afrikan masks.



These woodcut prints were hand-cut, carved, printed, and dried in the NDW studio. See how we did it in the photos!

Only 30 of 100 remain, so this is your chance to grab a piece of NDW history 😉Approx size: 35 x 45cm

You may have second thoughts about sharing these 🤫

They’re freshly made by hand in Nairobi with natural ingredients, and come in multiple flavours including ‘Rock Classic’, ‘Thrill Chilli’, ‘Energy Sprout’,  ‘Labania za Njugu’ and ‘Midnight Chocolate’.

There’s even ‘Secret Sesame’, for those with peanut allergies.🚫🥜

Jaggernut Snacks

All this inside...

a Sandstorm Kenya Bag

All the above will come inside a bag from Sandstorm Kenya mentors and supporters of local creatives and entrepreneurs. 

Depending on which bundle you choose, you’ll get the accompanying Sandstorm Kenya bag.

See below to choose your bag!


KSh 29,900 RRP 44,000
  • Weekender Canvas Bag
    [Sandstorm Kenya: RRP 24,900]
  • Tie-Dye Scarf
    [RefuSHE: RRP 4,500]
  • 3D Printed Matatu
    [Beyond3DAfrika: RRP 1,500]
  • 3 Miniature Portraits
    [Chela: RRP 1,500]
  • A4 Notebook
    [BSQ Crew: RRP 1,100]
  • Pace Live Bluetooth Headphones
    [Pace Africa: RRP 2,000]
  • Set of 5 Braille Greeting Cards
    [StudioHISI: RRP 1250]
  • 25x32cm Framed Mask Print
    [Naitiemu: RRP 5,000]
  • 'Eat Sleep Design Repeat.' Print
    [NDW: RRP 1,000]
  • 1 x 250g box of Jaggernut Snacks
    [RRP 300]


Bags Left


KSh 14,900 RRP 26,550
  • Backpack
    [Sandstorm Kenya: RRP 9,900]
  • Tie-Dye Scarf
    [RefuSHE: RRP 4,500]
  • 3D Printed Matatu
    [Beyond3DAfrika: RRP 1,500]
  • 1 Miniature Portrait
    [Chela: RRP 500]
  • A5 Notebook
    [BSQ Crew: RRP 650]
  • Pace Live Bluetooth Headphones
    [Pace Africa: RRP 2,000]
  • Set of 3 Braille Greeting Cards
    [StudioHISI: RRP 750]
  • 25x32cm Framed Mask Print
    [Naitiemu: RRP 5,000]
  • 'Eat Sleep Design Repeat.'Print
    [NDW: RRP 1,000]
  • 1 x 250g box of Jaggernut Snacks
    [RRP 300]


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KSh 9,900 RRP 15,500
  • 'Dorothy' Tote
    [Sandstorm Kenya: RRP 5,900]
  • Tie-Dye Scarf
    [RefuSHE: RRP 4,500]
  • 3D Printed Matatu Fridge Magnet
    [Beyond3DAfrika: RRP 250)
  • 1 Miniature Portrait
    [Chela: RRP 500]
  • Pocket Notebook
    [BSQ Crew: RRP 350]
  • Pace Live Bluetooth Headphones
    [Pace Africa: RRP 2,000]
  • 1 Braille Greeting Card
    [StudioHISI: RRP 250]
  • 11x16cm Unframed Mask Print
    [Naitiemu: RRP 1,500]
  • 'Eat Sleep Design Repeat.'Print
    [NDW: RRP 1,000]
  • 1 x 250g box of Jaggernut Snacks
    [RRP 300]


Bags Left

Delivery & Availability

Free delivery in Nairobi  (2-3 weekdays). Countrywide delivery available. 

For international orders, please get in touch.

Limited availability on all products. 

Orders on first come, first serve basis. Order secured on receipt of payment.

Colours and exact designs may vary. If you love something in particular, let us know and we’ll do our best to help!

International Pricing: 1000KSh = 10 USD/ GBP/ EUR


Creative Partners

A huge thanks to Sandstorm Kenya for making this possible, and all the makers for this wonderful collaboration 🙏🏾