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Nairobi Design Muzes launches on August 1st!

Nairobi Design Week x Muze Club = Nairobi Design Muzes



A weekly showcase of Kenya’s creative industries


Creating a new type of Nightlife experience, Muze Club and Nairobi Design Week are collaborating on ‘Nairobi Design Muzes’, an event which brings together artists, musicians and designers, and shines an ultraviolet spotlight on Kenyan creatives.

The first event takes place on August 1st 2019, at Muze Club, Mpaka Rd, Westlands, Nairobi. Visual artist Naitiemu will perform and exhibit her artwork, supported by musician Brian Sigu on guitar and vocals. K.Lure will be the DJ.

These will be one off events that will inspire you to discover new art and think differently. Entrance is FREE.



  • 6pm: Event start
  • 8pm: Performance start: Naitiemu Nyanjom & Brian Sigu
  • Late closing


Naitiemu Nyanjom

“The way materials behave under different conditions has always interested me, especially because a similar pattern seems to form for them all. I have explored materials & process spanning metal, wood, soil, canvas, print, photography, sound, light, writing and human anatomy.

I am a versatile visual artist, currently exploring human psychology, supported in my technical understanding by a Civil Engineering degree. My passion is mental health awareness advocacy, using art as a channel of expression, and a way to connect with people: through one-on-one meetings with people; exhibitions; workshops; panel discussions; social media, and other platforms. I aspire to help more people heal internally by using art as therapy.”



Nairobi Design Week is an annual festival that celebrates the Kenyan design community and the impact that creative industries are having on lives and the economy. We provide a free online Design Directory, as well as updates on the latest news, jobs and events in Nairobi and beyond. We connect, curate and create Afrikan design in order to strengthen the industry.


Our mission is to highlight the importance of all design disciplines and their impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental development. By sharing, collaborating and learning together with our community, we are creating business, employment, and education opportunities in design, while bringing Afrikan design to the world.


Muze Club is a new kind of nightlife experience. Bringing together Music, Mixology and creating Memories every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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