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Nairobi Design Muzes was a prototype. What’s next? Nairobi Design Weekly!

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Nairobi Design Muzes has been a month long prototype on how the community can come together to create amazing experiences for each other.We’ve laughed together, been shocked and amazed, and discovered new ways of thinking and collaborating.

Thank you to every single person who has attended the events, and to all of those who have taken part, performed, displayed art and shared their stories, as well as Muze Club for being such welcoming hosts.

We’ve gathered a lot of feedback into what can be improved, and what people loved. To give you insights into our process, and perhaps some inspiration, we’d like to share some of them with you:


  • People like experiences that offer the unexpected: The first week’s performance by Naitiemu and Sigu, combined with a light show by Muze Club, brought some people to goosebumps and even tears. A group of visitors said they’d never seen something like it in Kenya. Someone commented that “this is fucking intense” and another walked out exclaiming that they couldn’t take it, but even they saw the value in challenging norms and perceptions.
  • It’s the quality of conversations and connections that matters: We’ve enjoyed countless occasions of seeing creative sparks fly between minds who have just been struck by an idea. You only need one spark to start a fire 🔥.
  • Keep it multi-sensory: This sounds obvious, but experiences that combine food, music, design, art, performances and showcases inspire people to think, and appreciate different creative skills in a new way. Sogallo combined a live art performance with music, and Native Nairobi added live dancers to the combo a week later.




If you’d like to catch up on any of the Nairobi Design Muzes events, you can find all the highlights below.


Episode 1: Mental Health (Naitiemu x SIGU)

Episode 2: Lofi Art x Music (Sogallo x K.Lure)

Episode 3: Live Body Painting x Dance (Native Nairobi x IAMSIWAS)

Episode 4: Free Mind Sessions: Internet Culture (feat. Philip Ogola & Arnold Lakita)

Episode 5: 3D Printing Basics Hands on (NDW x AB3D)


And if you have any additional comments or suggestions, please contact us!






  • Designers, artists and performers mashup styles in an inspiring, informal setting. 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️
  • A place for people to meet, exchange opinions, and discover stimulating, disruptive, creative work. 🤔💬😲
  • We’re bringing together more creatives, from a broader range of disciplines, for 12 hours every week! 🕛🕕🕛


Every Thursday:

  • 12 hours of creativity: Happy Hour Cocktails, midday until midnight! 🍸🍹🥂 Is this Nairobi’s longest happy hour?
  • Unique experiences: Collaborations that create unforgettable memories. Every week = different design, different music, same great vibes.
  • Opportunities to showcase and sell: We’re here to grow together, so let us know how we can help.
  • Community Bulletin Board: #NairobiDesignWeekly with news, jobs, opportunities & announcements. Drop posters @TheLavaLatte (209 Statehouse Rd) or send them @NairobiDesignWeek for a chance to get posted!







  • Create, Connect & Chill: Schedule a meeting, come to work, or put on your headphones and chill.
  • Afternoon Activities: The space is available to use for creative activities, such as workshops and mini-events. Let us know if you have something in mind!
  • See the setup: Watch as the week’s experience is being created around you.



  • Fresh Music: Our Musical Shaman, K.Lure curates sounds to expand your sonic palette, supported by special guest DJs.
  • Unprecedented Experiences: One-off, creative collaborations that should come with a FOMO warning label. 
  • Creative Conversations: Unexpected connections that push you in new directions. You only need one spark to start a fire 🔥.


Thursday 19th Sept: Midday-Midnight



UV paint (@JasmineJethwa_Art


String Art(@_.Abijan)


LED Hoola Hoops (@UmAilana)


Shamanic sounds (@K.Lure)


  • Midday- Opening
  • 3pm- Live stream interview with guest creatives
  • 6pm- UV Lights on!
  • 9pm- Performance
  • Midnight- Closing

Schedule and details to be updated in case of any changes.


We’re launching an open call for creatives to be a part of Nairobi Design Weekly!.

Look out for more info in the coming weeks on our website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.


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