We work with clients and on our own initiatives, all of which showcase the value of design and creativity.

The community is involved in all of our studio projects, we bring in talent and partners to strengthen each other through collaboration.



COP26 creative commission with the British Council in collaboration with Design Manchester, to celebrate the United Nations Summit, that will take place in Glasgow this year.

Labelled Human

We've all been labelled something, we're all #LabelledHuman

An entire campaign, song + music video in collaboration with 50+ creatives.

Refugees' Pavilion

Named in the top 10 installations at the London Design Biennale 2018.

The Camping Residency

Bespoke Chair and BBQ designed for a campsite in Naivasha.

Designed with Kashyap Gohel and Kenya Lighting Industries.

The Urban Residency

Seats, lights and basketball hoops designed during a one week residency programme with Kenya Lighting Industries.

Paint the Court

Community toolkit, co-designed with basketballers, skaters and other creatives who participated in Nairobi Design Week 2020 under the theme 'Design is for Everyone.'


Understanding humans through data.

The behavioural science leaders in the global south invited us to advise on their brand identity, creative strategy, website and grow their communication team.


3D printed Afrikan figurines that inspire creativity.

A blank canvas to express yourself on.

This is an exploratory project that we're currently undertaking with student designers Joash and Geoffrey.

Outer World Women

‘Outer World Women’ asked some of our favourite East African, female graphics designers, illustrators and artists to create pieces around that theme, and let their imaginations run wild.

Featuring works by: Chebet Kimetto, TaraLight, Jacque Njeri, Mukami King’oriah, Leona Ekina, Precious Narotso, Wanjira Kinyua, Cynthia Thuku, Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya, Chela, Adelaide Jachi, Nyambura “Nash” Kariuki

The Things That We Do

“It’s shaped like a goblet, wider on the top and it has a kind of plate on the bottom.When we have guests we serve porridge out of this, it shows respect.”

A collarboation with NEON Studio, 98Crafted, Design Week Addis Ababa, supported by the British Council nAnA grant.

Artisans of Kibera

6 people who create incredible product share their stories.


Creative Direction

Industrial & Human Centered Design

Curation of Talent & Experiences