Creative Hub Survey

Creative Hub Users: a survey on struggles & wins

Understanding Kenya's Creative Hub Space

The AMPowerment Factory is running a survey to help inform a research into the economic landscape of creative hubs in Kenya. In addition to this, it will also help to inform on how best creative hubs can provide the necessary tools to help their members grow. The survey is targeting people using creative hubs to get some more insights about their behavior, suggestions, and engagement.

The AMpowerment Factory is a boutique consultancy firm specializing in knowledge development, strategic planning, communication strategies, policy & advocacy for the cultural and creative economy, youth development and humanitarian sectors in East Africa — and beyond! The creative research is financed by GiZ, the German Development Agency, as part of their global project on culture and creative industries. 

The creative industries demonstrate what tomorrow’s world of work will look like, with a knowledge-based economy, online forms of communication and cooperation, and substantial potential for innovation. The cultural and creative industries are becoming a cross-cutting sector that contributes to the value chains in many other areas of development.

“We are looking for users of creative hubs, and that’s why you’re a perfect fit! With this survey, we want to learn about your experience in being a creative hub user. We’d really like to find out what your needs are when it comes to working within a creative hub, from the challenges you face to the achievements that have been made possible due to the community at your creative hub.”

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