The Community is Evolving...

It started with a physical directory at the firstĀ Nairobi Design Week, an online version followed soon after.

In 2021, was launched to provide a more personal platform for individuals and organisations in the NDW community.

We're really excited to show you this...

As more opportunities to connect, curate and create together arise, we're always trying to encourageĀ collaborations and communication between community members.

That's why the Eat Design Repeat app is being updated with an entirely new platform and interface. You can sign up using the link below.

There are already opportunities and events listed, as well as conversations you can get involved in. It's where you can hang out with us.

The old version of the app is still available at, and will be removed, along with all the data on it, on February 23rd 2022.

So make yourself at home, introduce yourself, ask a question, share your work, fill your profile, and get to know people!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing community,

Eat, Design, Repeat šŸ’š