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NDW Volunteer and Internship Programme

NDW Volunteer & Internship programme

This year we are expanding and improving our volunteer programme to give you a more valuable experience for your career. Volunteers and interns have often become members of the team, and used the experience as a springboard into the industry. You’ll work with experienced professionals and get the opportunity to apply for an internship with NDW at the end.

We need support in a number of areas, including marketing, design thinking, merchandise, festival production, photo/video & AV. You can pick a team to apply for depending on your interests. This is the best time of the year to get involved with NDW, and show us what you can do!


1) Merchandise Production

If you’re interested in… product design, manufacturing, printmaking & graphic design.

You’ll learn how to print on fabric and paper using woodcut and 3D printed stamps. You’ll work with, and hear stories from two experts who have already had their share of experiences from high end fashion to mass manufacturing. We’ll schedule 2-3 sessions in February which will be used for production.

Mentors: Esther Kute (formerly Bata Kenya), Iona McCreath (Kiko Romeo)
When: 20th-22nd & 29th February (2-3 days each)
Where: ADD, University of Nairobi

2) Marketing

If you’re interested in… marketing, social media, content creation, graphic design, writing.

You’ll learn how the NDW marketing process works, get involved on one or more of our online platforms (IG,FB,TW,LI,YT & WordPress), and interact with the team & partners to ensure the festival gets as many visitors as it deserves!

Mentors: NDW Team
When: asap (4-12 weeks, part time)
Where: Festival venues during NDW2020. Mostly remote afterwards.

3) Experience

If you’re interested in… human centered design, business, service & experience design, retail, market research, management.

You’ll learn about the ‘business of design’ through design thinking. You’ll discover more about Nairobi Design Week’s projects, events, partners and exhibits, and how it all fits together. You’ll then use this knowledge to assist visitors and ensure that their festival experience is perfect, down to the small details. All the time you’ll be observing, taking down insights and ideas, and testing to make big and small improvements to Nairobi Design Week.

Dates: 8th-14th March (3-7 days each)
Venue: 209 Statehouse Road (potentially with some movement around Nairobi)

4) Festival Production

If you’re interested in… interior design, architecture, exhibition design, product design, management.

You’ll learn how to create and set up exhibits, produce events, prepare the location for the festival, and get everything safely to where it should be. Roles will vary slightly, and we’ll try to assign tasks according to your strengths and interests.

Dates: 5th-18th March 2018 (3-7 days each)
Venue: 209 Statehouse Road (potentially with some movement around Nairobi)

5) Photo/Video/ Audio-Visual

If you’re interested in… exhibition, event, portrait, street or other creative photography & videography, editing, production, animation, podcasting.

You’ll learn how to capture and tell inspiring stories at the festival, from participants to visitors.

Dates: 8th-14th March 2018 (4-7 days each)
Venue: 209 Statehouse Road (potentially with some movement around Nairobi)


Think you have another skill that can make Nairobi Design Week better? Let us know!

What you'll get

  • An NDW goody bag! (& other perks)
  • Access to Nairobi Design Week 2020 behind the scenes!
  • A feature on our website & social media after the festival!
  • A joint letter of recommendation from Nairobi Design Week and your mentor.
  • An opportunity to apply for a paid internship with NDW after the festival.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they can.


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