Angela Wanjiku Murugi

Wanjiku was born and raised in Thika Central
Kenya. From an early age she was fascinated by
craft and design often using them as a way of
expressing herself. She went on to study design at
the University of Nairobi specializing in fashion
and textile design graduating from the class of
2018, December.

Her graduate collection ONO, on adaptive
clothing for the visually impaired, that led to the
launch of the multidisciplinary design brand, HISI
STUDIO in June 2019.

The central inspiration to her work is the name
WANJIKU. A name given to her after her
grandmother under the Gikuyu customary naming
traditions but also used to refer to the common
Kenyan citizen (mwananchi). She aims to translate
the essence of the name in her design concepts
honoring past traditions, living in the present and
anticipating the future though the integration of
technology and digital fabrication.


The collection name, ONO is derived from the Swahili word MAONO which translates into vision and perspective. As the name suggests, this collection calls for an introspective approach as we relate with the world around us seeking to look and see beyond what people and things are. Disregarding the choice of taking at things on face value for a deeper and more meaningful truths. 

The collection is curated around the quote: “The less we see with our eyes, The more we see with our hearts”

ONO is a women’s adaptive clothing line. This collection explores design that leverages, rethinks and includes the needs of the visually impaired fashion consumers. Exploring the potential to create an all-inclusive fashion line that employs a more wholistic sensorial experience contributing to non-visual aspects of clothing and reducing boundaries between sighted people and those with visual impairments. The clothing is designed to offer fashionable and practical solutions that improve the quality of life and level of independence of visually impaired individuals. The pieces in this collection are conscious and are universally viable; for both visually impaired and sighted individuals.



The collection features tactile, velvet-like prints adapted from Bajuni Swahili patterns combined with braille done on white and navy-blue cotton blends. The collection has tailored origins from reworked shirts and voluminous trousers. The pieces have adapted kimono sleeves, bishop sleeves and knotted sleeve styling with fastenings are done using magnets and press studs. The clothing is accessorized with gun holster inspired leather and canvas bags with macramé detail.
The ONO woman is one who has come into her own and has achieved a level of mastery and complexity. She is a woman
conscious about her surrounding, well informed, up to date with current events and connects with people and the world with a touch of grace and kindness. A fearless woman, willing to stand up for those that overlooked and left out, a voice for the unheard.

The less we see with our eyes, The more we see with our hearts.



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