We're a design studio and annual design festival.

NDW collaborates with local and global communities, organisations and individuals to showcase design.


Showcase creativity and show its impact.


Design, creative & strategic initiatives.


We're a board member of World Design Weeks, the first African organisation invited to take the seat.

Our mandate there is to improve diversity, community and knowledge management.

We're a partner to African Crossroads, and have worked on the creative & tech strategy, web presence, live stream & event production since 2020.

We're a member of the Iridescent Network, a platform by the International Council of Design.


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Adrian Jankowiak

Adrian is fascinated by culture and creativity. He connects people, ideas and technologies.

He's an industrial designer and creative director who approaches problems through collaboration and prototyping.

Adrian has worked in the New Technologies Group at Reckitt, where he worked on over 20 of their top brands, including Air Wick, Dettol and Durex.

Adrian also designed a range of environment and education focused toys at Rezonant in India, called ‘Gween Toys’.

Adrian facilitates creative thinking through workshops that involve live sketching, prototyping, design methodologies and asking questions.

Some of his work can be found at adrianjankowiak.com.

Adrian Jankowiak
Design Director


I am an artist curious about human psychology and our relationship with our environment.

Naitiemu Nyanjom
Festival Lead

Agnes Opondo

Such a botanical name if you ask me, but my dad named me after his favorite aunt so he sort of guilt tripped me into liking the name. I am the type of person who loves positive vibes and good music but drama loves to keep me company……especially in matatus.

That is why I pen the drama down on Facebook (follow me to find out hahaha). I have crazy ideas which I occasionally post on my website. I find showbiz interesting so I also write entertainment stories.

Agnes Opondo
Community Assistant

David King'ori

Creative and imaginative Motion Graphics Designer and Animator with a talent for creating unique and trendy animations. Through the application of Human-Centered Design and a background in Psychology, I strive to use intuitive techniques to develop ideas and concepts. Equipped with multimedia software expertise and great communication skills; I am able to work with others to deliver stellar designs with incredible attention to detail.

David King'ori
Production Lead


It all started so local designers can collaborate to solve local problems.

Community design studio that organises an annual festival.

A creative tour of the African continent

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