An exploration of how design is infused in our daily lives.

'Where We Live' is an exchange of information that connects our senses and environments.

The Nairobi Design Week 2022 festival was a two day expression (and two week exhibition) of the community's minds, bodies, neighbourhoods, global, and online spaces.


Thank you to all who attended the 7th festival, next one in March 2023!


Vertical Gardening

Would you like to plant something?

Doing Zero

Carrying on last year's project, we are partnering with Design Manchester & British Council to build an urban farm with the community. Come to the festival to learn, plant and paint.

History / VR /3d printing

What is our history?

The Heritage Project

Recreated digital versions of Kenyan artifacts located in foreign museums, now made accessible to locals through VR/AR and 3D printing.

The virtual space is explored like a village museum, with user friendly pop ups about the current object.

Project by Brian Njenga

History / VR / Performance Art

Grandma's got stories.

Enkang' Ang'

Experience the lifestyle of Maasai women and their traditional homes; manyattas, through VR and audio.

A project involving 10+ Kenyan female artists, led by our creative lead , artist; Naitiemu


What if you could feel like a kid again?


Characters inspired by culture, created by Nairobi Design Week, and brought to life by artists in the community.

Submit your Africhibi design for a chance to be part of the first collection!

VR/ 3D worlds

Can we be preserved for 1000 years?


Built by Realtyme Kenya, a 3D, VR experience that will act as a companion to the physical event.

A showcase of community projects and online submissions that will live on into the future.